9 Adorable and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Dog

Happy HOWL-oween! When it comes to fun homemade Halloween Costumes, the possibilities are only limited by imagination!

Some dogs enjoy, or at least tolerate dressing up because they know their humans enjoy it. Even most dogs who don’t enjoy dressing up can be convinced to add a little decoration to their collar or harness. Why would I want to dress up my dog, you ask? It’s cute and fun! As long as you’re not traumatizing your dog, I say go right ahead!

Imagine adorable coordinated costumes with the kids, or the cutest pumpkin patch photos, or the absolute delight of the children as they approach your porch for Trick or Treating and notice your dog’s costume! These adorable and easy DIY Halloween costumes for your dog are just what the dress-up doctor ordered!

Please do not traumatize your dog for the sake of an adorable costume. The resulting pictures (if you manage to get any!) will not be cute. You may also damage your relationship with your pup. If your dog does not already wear sweaters, now is not the time to try to force on a costume involving a sweater. Many of the costumes below will require some conditioning if your dog is not used to wearing something similar. Costumes should not be left on dogs while unattended.

Remember the Beanie Babies from the ’90s? Bring some of that nostalgia back this Halloween! This adorable costume is super easy to put together and so cute! It’s a great alternative for a dog who doesn’t love dressing up because it only involves wearing something around the neck.

2. Ninja Turtle

From Crafts by Courtney

Another ’90s throwback, this costume will make your pup the perfect sidekick and protector for your little Trick or Treaters.

This costume is easy to make and will likely be tolerated by a dog who is used to wearing a backpack, sweater or halter.

3. Fairy


This is a really cute, really easy costume for a dog who to already used to wearing sweaters. The wings could even be attached to a sturdy halter!

4. Lion


This no-sew lion’s mane is too cute for words! If your dog is used to wearing a hat or a snood, it shouldn’t feel like a costume at all. Your dog may even want to start wearing this adorable lion’s mane when it’s not even Halloween! What an adorable look for those cold winter nights!

SuperDog to the rescue! Your dog will save Halloween in this costume! This is another costume that would be easy for many dogs to wear, although the mask may require some conditioning.

How sweet is this… The detail of the clouds at the bottom makes the whole piece!

This is another great costume for a dog that is already used to wearing a sweater or jacket.

Dogs in bandanas are so precious looking. This super easy costume has no sewing is required! Bandanas are also usually very easy to get a dog to wear, as almost all dogs are already used to a collar.

8. Dragon

From Just a Tina Bit

Your little land-dragon (AKA dog!) will look adorable in this no-sew costume. Even better, pair it with a Game of Thrones / House of the Dragon inspired costume for the human!

A childhood favourite! What kid didn’t spend hours upon hours playing with their lego and making new creations.

Using some plastic or paper cups and a box, your can easily transform your pup into a Lego block!

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