Hello! Thank you for joining us at AllForTheLoveofDogs.ca! We’re happy you could join us!

Without further ado, lets get in to the introductions.

My name is Kirsten, and I am a life long animal lover and dog enthusiast. I was raised in rural town outside of Toronto where I had the opportunity to be exposed to and also own numerous pets. I have owned dogs, a cat, rabbits, rats, a dagu, and of course, fish. Living in a rural area, I have also had the opportunity to visit countless farms and also took horseback riding lessons for many years. In fact, we had our wedding pictures done at a farm!

Dogs, however, have my heart. Like so many others, they have helped me through hard times and been my emotional support and constant companions. A life without dogs is not a life I want to know!!

We currently have two female dogs, Willow and Sienna.


Taste-tester and picky eater extraordinaire

Willow is a 4 year old bernese mountain dog mix born in Ontario, Canada. After being surrendered to a shelter by her original family she came to live with us at 1 year old. Willow is a picky eater and has been known to turn up her nose at even the yummiest of treats, depending on her current mood! Read more about Willow’s back story here.


Taste-tester, and canine garbage disposal (almost!)

Sienna is a 4 year old mexi-mutt who was born in Mexico and now lives in Ontario, Canada. She loves most foods and will dance for treats! She rarely turns down food thats offered to her, unless it’s an uncooked vegetable or plain fruit. Read more about Sienna’s back story here.

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