Halloween Collar Plushie

Does your dog enjoy hanging out on the porch with you while you hand out candy to adorable Trick or Treaters?  Or maybe you just want your dog to look extra cute for a Halloween party or some fall pictures?  These adorable plushies are just the thing for dogs who don’t love dressing up (and let’s be honest, most don’t!).  They can easily be attached to your dog’s collar and removed at any point.  And because it’s attached with snaps, it should break right off if it were to get stuck on something.  As a reminder, you should not leave any accessories or costumes on your dog when they are unattended. 

What you’ll need:

Optional additions:


  • Draw a basic shape on paper or print out a template
  • Cut out the template
  • Using a fine-tip marker or fabric marker, trace the outline onto the felt.  You will need 2 outlines: a front and a back
  • Cut out the felt
  • Decorate one side!  This will be the front side.  Feel free to be creative!  You could purely do embroidery, you could use fabric paint, you could place little beads or gems for the eyes and nose.  You can cut out little pieces from other felt colours and sew or glue them on.  Get creative!
  • Using doubled-up thread or embroidery thread, stitch the front and the back together all around the outside, leaving the bottom or a side open
  • Stuff the plushie.  I pulled apart a cotton ball to make it looser.  I used 1 cotton ball for the skull plushie and 2 for the pumpkin plushie.  You can add a little more or a little less depending on your desired thickness
  • Sew up the rest of the outside
  • Attach a thin (approximately 1/2 inch wide) strip to the back of the plushie.  No need to be super careful about the stitches here as this side will be against the collar.  The collar you want to use will determine the length (will need to wrap around the width of the collar
  • Attach the snaps or velcro to the strip
  • Attach the plushie to your dog’s collar.  For safety reasons, make sure to remove the plushie when you are not monitoring your dog
Cut out templates
Decorate one side
Sew up the outside, leaving a space, and stuff. Sew up the rest of the outside
Attach a strap to the back with straps to attach to the collar

Printable Instructions

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