Stuffed Toilet Paper Rolls

With the rising cost of, well, everything, we could all use a little bit of free in our lives.  There is so much around the house that we can use for our dogs without spending any money at all (except a few treats or food that you already have around the house). 

This was a trick we discovered in one of the Facebook groups we’re in – I can’t take credit for it!  If you’re looking for a new (and free!) enrichment tool for your best friend, look no further than your bathroom. Or maybe your recycling bin.  Or the kitchen!  Remember, your trash is your dog’s treasure!

For some reason, dogs love destroying cardboard.  One theory is that they like to shred cardboard because it feels like feathers or fur in their mouth.  Not a lovely thought, but it could explain why almost all dogs love to do it.  Cardboard certainly doesn’t TASTE like an animal or bird though, thank goodness!  No animals will be harmed in the destruction of this toy. 

Dogs need enrichment and variety.  Enrichment activities help exercise them mentally, making a calmer, more well-rounded and even tired dog.  Mental enrichment is exhausting!  As everyone knows, a happy, enriched, mentally stimulated dog is a dog who is less likely to chew your shoes, couch, door frame, etc. 

The process of making these stuffed cardboard rolls is incredibly simple.  Save up some paper towel or toilet paper rolls.  Fold in one end, and put treats and/or kibble in the other end.  I recommend using dry treats and food, not moist or raw.  You don’t want to tempt your pup to eat the cardboard with moist food.  Next, fold up the other end.  That’s it!  Time to let your doggo destroy your handiwork. 

You can make a bunch in advance for when your pup needs some enrichment, or you can quickly throw one together in next to no time.

Reminder: dogs should be supervised with any enrichment activities. 


  • Get some toilet paper or paper towel rolls.  Remove any remaining toilet paper or paper towel
  • Fold one end.  It doesn’t really matter how you do it, as long as it’s closed.  You could crush it, fold two sides inward then the other two sides inward, fold it like a chip bag – whatever works.  Just don’t use tape or adhesive as you don’t want your pup accidentally ingesting it
  • Put some treats in the open end!  Any treats will do, and feel free to use a combination or even add in kibble.  It might be best to avoid any mushy treats as that could lead to your dog eating the cardboard, not just ripping it.  Use as few or as many as you like.  It’s best if it’s not jam-packed and has a little rattle to it once closed.  If you’re making these in advance, be sure to use treats that will be ok in open air for a few days (not meat or super soft treats)
  • Fold the other end.  Again, it doesn’t matter how you fold it
  • Give it to your dog, and watch them enjoy destroying it to get at the treats!  Make sure you watch them closely the first few times they have this treat to make sure they are not ingesting the cardboard.

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