Easy Homemade Free Puzzle for Dogs

When considering your dog’s enrichment, thinking outside the box (or in this case, in it!) can result in some huge savings.  This puzzle is so easy to put together and fun for almost any dog that you will never throw out your toilet paper rolls again! 

Providing your dog with enrichment activities can help to make them calmer and improve their overall lives.  Mental stimulation is for a well rounded dog, and can be more tiring than a long walk. Providing the right type of stimulation can also help impact other areas of their personality too.  For example, this puzzle may look like something that is cheap and easy to put together to entertain your dog for 10 minutes.  However, in reality, you’re not only entertaining them but also helping to build their confidence and optimism. 

Your dog should be supervised with this puzzle, especially if they are not used to having cardboard puzzles, to ensure that they do not eat the cardboard. 


  • Grab a box or container.  It could be a cardboard box, Tupperware,  a basket, a shoebox or any other container you have lying around
  • Place in the toilet paper rolls
    • For an easier game, pack them loosely
    • For a more difficult game, pack them in very tightly
  • Sprinkle in treats!  It doesn’t matter where they fall
  • Give the box to your dog and watch them figure out how to get to the treats!

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